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2019 (5)

August (1)

6 Months Post Treatment Update: This was suppose to be a post about how well I am doing and how positive all of my 6 month follow u...

April (1)

Thrilled but skeptical here...: So I am beyond happy to report that I am now 6 weeks out from treatment (can't believe I a saying th...

January (3)

Bladder Irritation: Today was day 13 of radiation.  I am doing great aside from low plateletes and some bladder issues....
Requesting Input: Okay, can we talk vaginal stenosis?  I have not been on this site long enough to see a lot on this ...
Week 2: I can see half way from here!: First round of chemo is behind me and today was day 9 of radiation.  My body is being a trooper and...

2018 (4)

December (3)

Good News After Bad News: I had my PET scan today as the final check before begining treatment and, yay, it was clear of anyth...
Little Blessings: So a blessed thing happened to me today, and I believe you should recognize and appreciate the littl...
Invention: With our current technology, couldn't someone please invent a way to enter your medical history etc ...

November (1)

Newly Diagnosed: I was just diagnosed with anal canal cancer.  This is all going so quickly, and I don't think it ha...

Vital Info


November 29, 2018

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 71913

April 18, 1963

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

Skin Cancer

Squamous Anal

November 17

Stage 1

0.1 - 1.0 cm



Genesis Cancer Center

February 15

None for the anal (I have always had irritable bowel) except 2 squamous skin on calf and shoulder and my dermatologist told me to get a colonoscopy because the outside can signal what going on in the inside,


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