6 Months Post Treatment Update

This was suppose to be a post about how well I am doing and how positive all of my 6 month follow up tests have gone.  Exam and anoscope were great, CT scan was unremarkable, gyno exam was good and all the side effects are slowing getting better.  The surgeon removed my port!  "Accidents" are down to maybe one a week!  (less if I watch what I eat).  I even started back running for the past 2 weeks.  Mentally and emotionally starting to feel better. 

Then my gynocologists office called with pap results.  I insisted they give me one, although I had a hysterectomy years ago.  The test showed "low grade changes" and I am to come back in 6 months for a follow up... I understand this is typically not a concerning result and that its likely to go away on its own in the average person, but given what I have been through I know the risk must be higher.  I have so many questions, but the oncologist has not called me back.  

 I want to focus on the positive and get on with living, but am struggling and needed to vent!  I am wondering if any of you have had similar results?

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I have not...but I can tell you many of those types of results can be the result of the radiation you endured. Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving to be sure...it can cause such a myriad of issues to many different areas. Sounds like you are really doing well!
enjoy the weekend!
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I agree with Sara. Radiation is most likely the culprit. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully. Enjoy the long weekend!
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Vent away...we all understand the frustrations and concerns that pop up and stop you in your tracks. The worrying this disease causes is simply awful. My first instinct is radiation damage as was Sara’s and Lori’s...it makes the most sense. You’re doing great and I would stay focused on that! xo
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Thank you. the posts I read daily on here remind me how well I am doing and I am doing my best to focus on that.
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Wow, sorry your oncologist is not very responsive. I strongly suspect that we are talking about radiation damage, as other comments have suggested. Can you make an appointment with your oncologist? Or find a second doctor, maybe a gynecologic oncologist, for advice, if you continue to struggle...hugs
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Apparently they are taking the time to get the results and analyze them before calling me. Hopefully I will hear something today.
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I agree with everyone above.
Frustrating, that after treatment is common, because the treatment also causes these conditions in both the anal and vaginal pap, and needs time to heal...
so there is no clear answer for many of us; just time to heal.
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Was history of pelvic radiation provided on the pap requisition? I doubt it. Might request that a real pathologist re-read the pap, since they are often read as an assembly line. Also, get the REAL copy of the pap result lab slip. That could prove useful. It's more than likely the radiation effect, and very common, but we still need to keep an eye out. Hugs!
I don't know but doubtful. I expect my oncologist to get an accurate reading, but then again my docs continue to disappoint.. I thought that the radiation likely causes this type of result, but no one ever told me that.
Thank you!
I can understand your disappointment and concern over these results. Hopefully, when you go back in 6 months, things will have returned to normal. You aren't that far out from treatment, so it's very possible that this is just a result of the radiation. I'm glad you are otherwise doing well!
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Yes Alicia..agree with all previous comments. Still too early as radiation continues its assault. Try to hang in there I know this is worrisome esp.if you are as mental as I am.
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