Good News After Bad News

I had my PET scan today as the final check before begining treatment and, yay, it was clear of anything more than the AC!  So relieved!  I was so nervous about the results that when he put me in the machine to start I about had a panic attack and he had to pull me out!  My adult self talked my baby-self down and managed to finish calmly!  Anyway, so now I am scheduled to start treatment on December 27.  My plan is to do my best not to think about this and enjoy some happy family time, and then get to work putting this "Pain in my A##" behind me!  :)


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That is good news! I still remember that day and felt as anxious as you. I finally broke down crying and the staff were great. Once that was over with, I was able to face the next phase. And you will too! Enjoy your holiday time with family and friends.

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YAAAYYY! This is so relatable. I found out about my AC on 12/2/16 and started treatment about a month anxiety was through the roof but the holidays were a good distraction. The scans made my heart race / jump out of my chest. But you WILL get through all of this Alicia!
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You got this!
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Lol, that's what I told the tech when he came back to check on me... "I got this!" No more nervous nelly!
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So happy for you and glad you made it through the scan. I start chemo on Monday with radiation starting on Tuesday.
I remember the 17 minutes in the tube was the longest time that passed. My arms went numb and I wanted to scream. But so good of news Alicia cuz it makes a difference in the dosing of radiation. No lymph nodes involvement means a little less radiation I was told. Enjoy your holidays, peace and love.
This is good to hear. Hang on to that good news and know that your chances of having a good outcome are very good! Try to enjoy your time with your family and have faith that you WILL get through this!
2 weeks done, yes, of course had some bad days, but it definitely could have been worse. You can do this too!
Good news, indeed! All scans cause anxiety (scanxiety) but that first one is the toughest cause it'll tell you how bad it is.

I hope you enjoy your holidays
It's not all terrible. Start 3rd week tomorrow and went out with friends today and had Pizza. Yea!
So, know you too can have a pizza day.
Sweet!! I asked my new AC friend this morning, how many days during treatment to expect to be incapable of doing anything. I just don't know how active I can expect to be (I am normally a very active person).
Glad to hear the good news. Have a great holiday. And keep us posted.
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