Little Blessings

So a blessed thing happened to me today, and I believe you should recognize and appreciate the little miracles when they happen...

I am wading through the financial ramifications of this diagnosis, and in trying to determine whether or not I should and could improve my outlook by upgrading my insurance policy.  It is really the last thing I want to be thinking of right now, but want to make the right decision, so I called our insurance agent who handles our car, home, etc. to ask for advice.

The lady I talked to did not know much about health insurance, but said she would get my information and talk to the person who does.  What she is knowledgable about is - surprise - anal cancer, because apparently she is a survivor, diagnosed in 2015!

I have been so stressed about this subject, and then to find a person on the other end of the phone who totally understands?!  That is not a coincidence, it was a little miracle to shine some light in the dark, and I had to share.

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Love it when God shows up
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That is really a God sent encounter!
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This is what happens, we begin to really notice and appreciate all of the tiniest of blessings. Not that I didn't before but more so now. Sounds like u are making preparation for battle and every great general has done this to win the war. It is surprising that your insurance person had AC since it's so uncommon.
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Wow, that is amazing! I would have started crying, I'd be so happy. I hope you get the insurance issue figured out!
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Divine Order, love it!
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Beautiful! I love these dad calls them "God shots".
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WOW...what a wondeful post!!! Thank you!!!
PS...she needs to join Blog For A Cure!
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Thanks for sharing...special moment, and you did not miss it!
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November 29, 2018

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 71913

April 18, 1963

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Anal Cancer

Skin Cancer

Squamous Anal

November 17

Stage 1

0.1 - 1.0 cm



Genesis Cancer Center

February 15

None for the anal (I have always had irritable bowel) except 2 squamous skin on calf and shoulder and my dermatologist told me to get a colonoscopy because the outside can signal what going on in the inside,


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