With our current technology, couldn't someone please invent a way to enter your medical history etc into a standardized form on the internet so that you could send it to your doctors and not be forced to write a novel for EVERY doctor you have to see?  I don't even remember the answers to most of the questions they ask.  For my appointment today I must arrive 1 hour prior to my appointment....  crazy... thanks for letting me vent!

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I keep a file in Word, but they still want you to fill out their forms. It's nuts. Most of them have online records that you can fill in, or at least send it to me so I can have it ready and not have to do it in office, UGH.
Welcome to our club! What amazes me is how the number of doctors I have keeps growing.
I hear your pain. So annoying right? Can't wait for day when our EMR goes national and we can access 1 portal and 1 portal only. Keep venting if it helps
So annoying! I have a word file too, not that it's much help really, but refreshes my mind when I need to complete a form. So frustrating!
At least a lot of offices are having patients do that online prior to their appointments. I'd much rather sit in my jammies at home doing that instead of in the waiting room with a bunch of strangers trying to remember dates! But I agree, it's frustrating to have to keep doing it over and over!
I can certainly understand your frustration, especially at this critical time in your treatment. Just try to roll with the punches and get through treatment so you can begin the healing process. I was fortunate in that I received my treatment at UCLA, which has been my one-stop medical care complex for 20 plus years. They have everything computerized, so any and all doctors there have immedicate access to my entire medical history, including all scans, blood tests, treatments, etc. And I have immediate access to all that as well, on a single portal—just what you were talking about! I’m sending positive thoughts your way. The treatment isn’t fun, but it is effective. Keep us posted because we care how you’re doing.
I have my medical history, prescriptions, primary care doctor info and pharmacy info in word files I keep updated. I print them out when I go to doctors. I only fill in the parts of their forms that aren't in what I have ready. Some forms will ask for things they need like social security numbers and employer phone numbers, I never provide that stuff. I am also amazed how the same sheet can ask for the same piece of information multiple times. If my name and birthday are at the tops of the forms I'm not filling it in 2 or 3 more times in the middle of the form. Not to mention they never leave enough space for most of what they ask for.

Some of my doctors are now pulling my prescription stuff from the insurance database or something and often it has things I was prescribed once like anti-biotics and they don't seem to drop off. EMR (Electronic Medical Records) have a long way to go before becoming trustworthy and useful.

I experience more frustration when they ask all that crap and then when I see my record on their computer screen or if they have online access to my record it never gets transcribed right. Things are missing and wrong all over the place.
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